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Martha Michael

Assistant Consultant

Martha comes from a background in journalism and communications, and her experience reporting on town planning projects and local heritage conservation initiatives inspired her to pursue an MSc in Architectural Conservation from the University of Edinburgh. Originally from Georgia, US, her experience living amongst diverse types of vernacular architecture enables her to look closely and appreciate how buildings are adapted for and by their local communities.

Martha has experience working for conservation material manufacturers to develop technical guidance, working closely with architects to develop well-rounded proposals, and working as an appraiser of historic buildings to evaluate market value based on historic intactness and authentic design. She is skilled in undertaking thorough desk-based research and archival studies and looking for clues to discover a building’s evolution.

Martha has extensive writing experience, and uses compelling yet accessible language when crafting together the essential pieces of heritage statements and assessments, heritage and townscape visual impact assessments, listed building consent applications, advisory notes, statements of support and internal fee proposals.

Qualification: BA (Hons) MSc

Phone: 07936 600 229