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Tall buildings


Making the case for tall buildings

We assist in making the case for tall buildings through our robust approach to promoting their development, whether they be individual proposals or as part of a wider masterplan.

Our advocacy role assists with the delivery of such projects as we are able to inform and devise a tall buildings strategy which helps in early discussions with local planning authority and other statutory consultees.

We use a wide range of tools to help support the case for tall buildings and work as an integral part of the design team, challenging architects' assumptions and analysis to ensure that tall buildings are promoted in a robust manner.


Wood Lan, White City

The Women’s Pioneer Housing group supports women that have been subject to domestic abuse and inequality by providing long term residential accommodation. The scheme included the re-provision of the outdated Pioneer Housing alongside new student housing, allowing the charity to better deliver its charitable aims.

Our heritage, townscape and visual impact assessment demonstrated that there was a clear rationale behind the location of the tall building and that there would be no effects on any heritage or townscape assets.

As part of the application process, we had to address comments from a neighbouring borough regarding potential impacts on a number of heritage assets, and were able to demonstrate that these were not significant and did not stop the local planning authority from granting approval.

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