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Bespoke individual homes

We help clients realise their aspirations for their existing houses and for new build properties. We start from the purchase of a property, helping to identify the site history, potential of the land and identifying any constraints.

Working with a variety of architects and key consultants, we help clients to realise those aspirations, whether it be for a bespoke home, including replacement dwellings, paragraph 84 dwellings, barn conversions, extensions or basements.

We advise on strategies to secure the best outcomes and reduce risk on projects, by exploring permitted development opportunities, providing written appraisals and inputting into the design to ensure compliance with local design requirements. We also undertake pre-applications discussions with local authorities and prepare scheme submissions to Design Review Panel for consideration, often presenting to the panel.

Through our projects, we have considerable experience working on developments in the open countryside, Conservation Areas, Green Belt and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.